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sonicbrofan-nr1 sent:

So. What ya gonna do?

Hey! Sorry, i haven’t logged onto this account in a little bit. Life’s been super duper crazy. But in answer to your messages: I really hope so! It may not be soon, but I definitely do wanna get this blog back up and running again in the future, so it’s alright to stick around. If something comes up to where I can’t make effort to run it anymore for sure, then I’d most likely find a way to give admin control to someone else who could update it regularly.

But in the meantime, I just gotta get some personal stuff all out of the way so I can have more time to sit down and run blogs and other things. I’m gonna answer this one publicly so everyone else can understand too. Thanks for your messages though! I’m glad I could have an opportunity to clear everything up.

sonicbrofan-nr1 sent:

Screw anon mode! I'll show myself if they like it or not! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D

You too bud! ^^ Make it really swell~ I’m sure gonna do my best!

Anonymous sent:

Is this blog discontinued? I just wanted to check since there wasn't activity since November. Let me know if you moved to a different tumblr account so I can follow you there. Miss the content.

Not at all! I don’t think so at least. The past few months have been reaaally crazy for me, and it kinda messed up my head a bit. :p I put off a few things that weren’t top priority while I took care of that stuff. BUT, that being said, I’m hoping to start things up again really soon.

Anonymous sent:

for god sake im bored to tears, help me please


here’s a thing


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